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In-Roc Development Inc. — Underground Mine Development

IN-ROC Development Inc. is a Canadian based international mining contractor that specializes in supplying the best professional underground mine development, mine training, and raise miners in the industry.

Mine Training Solutions for Your Business

Mine StaffOur employees have extensive experience throughout the world, including the Canadian Arctic, the United States, Mexico, South America, Indonesia, Australia, Africa, Greenland, and Ireland.

In-Roc Development inc is a Canadian mining contractor that specializes in supplying the best professional mining personel.

  • Project Superintendants
  • Safety Superintendants
  • Front line supervisors
  • Mechanics and mechanical trainers
  • Electricians and electrical trainers
  • Underground development mine trainers (Hands on )
  • Development miners
  • Raise climber miners

This has given our employees the ability to quickly adapt to different languages and cultures. In-Roc Trainers and Development Miner employees are also fluent in French, Spanish and Indonesian.

Vision, a safe work environment for all mining personnel working with and trained by In-Roc Development Inc.

We provide what you are looking for, safety and increased productivity

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    IN-ROC Development Inc.

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