Undergroud Mine Development Solutions

In-roc Development will move your mining project forward with our expertise and meet or exceed all your development goals in a safe and efficient manner, Our project superintendants, safety personnel, front line supervisors , raise climber miners, Jumbo drift mining crews, mechanical and electrical department have world wide experience .

We will set new mining standards and cost reductions in all aspects of your mining project.


By using proper drilling techniques, a good preventive maintenance program and good housekeeping practices, IN-ROC will dramatically reduce premature wear and parts replacement of bits, drill steel, drifters (drill machines) and boom bushings & bearings.

Scoop (LHD)

IN-ROC will dramatically reduce wear and tear on tires, bushings, bearings and mid-ship by using proper mucking procedures, preventive maintenance and as always good house keeping practices.

Drift Miner

IN-ROC will drive tunnels consistently on line and grade using proper techniques, while maintaining a good preventive maintenance program and always practicing good housekeeping.


With IN-ROC’s Alimak raise mining techniques and preventive maintenance program for decks, rails, stopers and jacklegs, we consistently drive raises on line and grade and drastically reduce downtime. As always a good housekeeping policy is a must.

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    IN-ROC Development Inc.

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